F.Tyneski | Dec 2018

If you’re a ski nut, Aspen might be heaven for you…but if motorcycles are your thing, Malibu is pretty hard to beat.  There are few places on earth where you can drag a knee through twisty mountain passes with cliff hanging ocean views.

I’ve been jamming on my GP Ducati motorcycle since June of this year and Malibu has been the most amazing stage.  I love how the exhaust note reverbs through the canyons.  The roads are tight, but the spaces are vast.  You can roll-on the throttle when the street sign signals a snake-like path for the next 10 miles which is often followed by another delightful warning sign.   

Malibu’s well-groomed roads cut through the rugged topography like a skier making a triple black diamond run.  Only inches off the road with no shoulder, it’s a beautifully raw and natural environment that’s completely unforgiving to anyone who gets a little too greedy with the throttle.  James Dean and his Silver Ghost Porsche would surely agree.  If you’re into motorsports, Malibu serves up a giant slalom to anything that handles well, but be warned…the cliffs usually win.

 For a motorcyclist, it’s one of the few domestic places where you can ride a GP bike at a lean angle.  The switchbacks are so frequent, you can ride with the rhythm of a metronome.  There’s so much beauty all around, but you dare not take your eyes off the road for more than a second.  If you allow the views to grip you, big trouble is around the bend.  You only get to take a quick ‘snap shot’ look when the bike is momentarily upright, then it’s back to looking and leaning into the next corner.  

This makes for many frozen moments in time, so many visual and experiential delights that are fondly registered in my memory.  The recall is a beautiful slideshow.  I’m certainly grateful for these memorable experiences. I only wish I had taken more time to pull over and chill.  As the song says, “Don’t it always seem to go that you don’t know what you’ve got ’til it’s gone.”  Some of the lush areas of Malibu are now gone, as barren as a parking lot and the color of blacktop.  On the bright side, many beautiful areas were also spared.  I’m confident those damaged areas will make a strong recovery and I pledge my support to help it get back to the way it once was in my memories. If you care to help, please donate anything you can to @malibufoundation

Until next time, thanks for letting me be Frank!